Ensemble Offspring

We are  THRILLED to have the dynamic group, ENSEMBLE OFFSPRING, joining us in the second week of the academy.  They will rehearse our composers’ new compositions, and work with them to deliver a concert ready piece that they will perform in the final Concert.  Composers can write for the complete ensemble or any line up they so desire.

Ensemble Offspring is Australia’s pre-eminent adventurous new music group. With a reputation for original and unique programming at the highest level, Ensemble Offspring pursues an agenda of directly shaping the music of our time. The ensemble is based on the philosophy of promoting artistic integrity, open-mindedness and challenging the way artists and audiences think about music. Embracing an eclectic and progressive repertoire, the ensemble has been described as having an “uncompromising assertiveness” and “systematically undercutting artistic pretension”.

Based in Sydney, Ensemble Offspring is led by acclaimed percussionist and founding member, Claire Edwardes, and features a core line-up of six of Sydney’s most well-regarded and eclectic musicians; Lamorna Nightingale (flute), Jason Noble (clarinet), Veronique Serret (violin), Blair Harris (cello), Bree van Reyk (drum kit & percussion) and Zubin Kanga (piano). Outside of Ensemble Offspring, members might be found performing with choirs, collaborating with singer-songwriters, joining dancers on stage or performing concertos with world class orchestras.


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